3 Tips for Candle Care: The Ultimate Guide to Your Palmoire Candles

3 Tips for Candle Care: The Ultimate Guide to Your Palmoire Candles

So you got your Palmoire candles. Like all new candle parents, you want the best for your candle, and you want to take care of them so they last (and smell great) forever. Here are our top 3 tips for the best Palmoire candle care:

1. Keep your candle and the wax clean

Always keep matches, wick trimmings, and other debris out of the wax pool. A soft and lightly damp cloth can be used to rub a candle’s surface gently to get rid of dust and fingerprints. Clean your candle after every burn. It should be free of dust and dirt for the best smell for your space.

2. Trim your wicks

Make sure your Palmoire candle's wick has the proper length for a clean and even burn. This might require some trimming. Before lighting your candle, double-check your wick’s length. If it is longer than the advised 0.25 inches, clip it neatly with scissors (or a wick trimmer). Be as accurate as you can. A wick that is too short could get lost in a pool of melted wax and prevent proper lighting.


3. Center your wicks

To ensure smooth fragrance throw, make sure your wick is centered. 

Before each burn, try to gently reposition the wick back into the place towards the center of the candle. Your candle will burn evenly if the wick is kept centered. This is important because if your wick gets too long or out of place, glasswares may heat up too quickly on one side and crack.

If you need a reminder of these tips, simply check out the warning label on the bottom of your Palmoire candle:) If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a DM on Instagram or email us at hello@thepalmoire.com.

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