Meet Our Picks: Spring Scents Edition

Meet Our Picks: Spring Scents Edition

Spring is on the horizon and what better way to embrace it than curling up to a Spring scented candle or gemstone diffuser. Our latest collection showcases unique eco-friendly scents, we understand shopping scents online could be challenging – don’t worry though, we got your back! Here are some of our recommendations to help you find the perfect match and savor this beautiful season of spring.  

For the Sundays ... Sleeping Oasis 

This diffuser opens with a burst of tropical freshness from pineapple flower and citrus fruits, then reveals a heart of juicy peach and delicate lily of the valley, balanced by the woody elegance of sandalwood. It finally settles into a cozy base of amber, vanilla and cinnamon that envelops you in warmth and comfort.
[Notes: pineapple flower, sandalwood, amber]

For the garden lovers ... Monet's Garden

Taking you to the enchanting world of Monet’s flowers. A delightful blend of almond, tangerine, lily, and rose fragrance notes that capture the essence of spring.
[Notes: almond, tangerine, lily, rose]

Picnic with friends ... Lavandula Dream

A delight for springtime picnics, this one fills the air with lavender and soothes your senses, creating the perfect ambiance for a picnic in spring. It will whisk you away to the South of France in the field of purple flowers.
[Notes: lavender, olive, jasmine, rosemary]

Brunch at an outdoor café ... Cape Jasmine 

A springtime delight, this one fills your space with the exquisite scent of gardenia, a white flower that whispers of love and grace. Whether you're brunching al fresco or cozying up at home, this candle will make you feel blissful and serene. Don't miss this chance to enjoy the splendor of spring in a jar!
[Notes:  gardenia,  ylang-ylang, lilac, jasmine]
May you discover the perfect scent for spring!

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Feel free to reach out to us via DM or email us if you want to know more about our spring scents. We’d love to hear from you anytime!
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